Fito's Glossary

Aji- a mildly spicy traditional Colombian salsa
Arepa - a corn-based flatbread, a traditional Colombian food
Chicharron - a puffy, fried pork rind usually eaten as a snack
Chimichurri - a pesto-like sauce for grilled meat, made of cilantro, parsley, lime, salt, black pepper and vinegar
Chorizo - Colombian sausage made from pork

Empanadas- Golden pastry stuffed with seasoned filling, such as beef or chicken.

Naranjilla (or Lulo) - a tomato-like, orange-colored fruit, the juice is green with a citrus flavor

Plantain - a relative of the banana but eaten cooked, sweet when ripe and starchy like a potato when green

Salsa Criolla - a traditional relish served w/ grilled meats, made of tomatoes, onions, green and red peppers

Salsa Rosada - a creamy pink sauce, made of tomato, mayo, salt, black pepper, lime and other spices

Sofrito - used as the base for many dishes, made of onions, tomatoes, scallions, parsley and black pepper

Soursop - a large, spiny, green fruit w/ white pulp, the juice has flavors of pineapple, citrus and creamy banana

Tostones - green plantains which are flattened and fried twice

Yuca, man(d)ioc, or cassava - similar to a potato, the root of the plant is eaten as a staple in the tropics